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Store Services

Camera sales

Camera accessory sales

Film processing and sales

Reprints and enlargements

Digital printing and enlargements

Canvas prints

Framing & Mounting

Studio sittings

Commercial photography

Wedding  Photography

Photo gifts and wall art

Media recovery and back up

Passport and id photos


Camera repairs

Retouching and restoration

Scanning and archiving

Video transfer

Heritage name certificates

Local postcards and scenery photographs

Print from your iPhone or iPad

Duty free sales -
Tourist Refund Scheme.

Photo education -
private lessons avialbale


Retouching and restoration


Bring your old photos back to life.

Photoshop is a wonderful thing! Restoration of precious photos of loved family members is completed with the utmost of care. No jog is too hard and we can give you a no obligation free quote in store. Removing red eyes, removing people from photos, using people from two different photos to make one, improving skin blemishes and converting images to black and white are a few of the services that we offer. Come and talk to our staff about what is possible.

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